Community “Vista village”

Open investment

The project is a Community consisting of 25 luxury villas in a gated complex. Currently in the process of obtaining a building permit. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2026.


Summer 2024 - 4q.2028


Fort Lauderdale, USA


25 villas


2 programs

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The community of 30 houses in Fort Lauderdale embodies a small yet cozy and stylish neighborhood. Here are several aspects that characterize it:

Aesthetics and Design:
- The community features homes with modern design, utilizing contemporary materials and technologies.
- The architectural style blends elements of the local atmosphere with modern trends.

Public Spaces:
- The presence of communal areas, including sports and children's zones, where residents can gather, spend leisure time, and maintain an active lifestyle.
- Pending city approval, there is consideration for the placement of a helipad.

Security and Management:
- Implementation of security measures and management systems to ensure a comfortable and secure living environment for all residents.

- Proximity to essential infrastructure, such as shops, restaurants, and medical facilities. The district is home to schools with the highest ratings, including the nearby private school American Heritage.

- The project is equidistant from urban centers such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton.

Innovation and Technology:
- Integration of modern technologies to enhance the quality of life, including smart home systems, high-speed internet connections, etc.

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