How we work with clients.

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Scouting properties.

Actively searching for and evaluating potential real estate properties. This involves assessing various factors such as location, market trends, zoning regulations, and physical condition to identify properties that align with specific criteria or investment goals.

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Due diligence.

The comprehensive and careful examination of a property or investment opportunity before finalizing a transaction. This process involves reviewing legal, financial, and operational aspects to ensure that all relevant information is known and potential risks are identified.

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Property purchase.

The act of acquiring a real estate asset by completing the transaction outlined in a purchase agreement. This involves transferring ownership rights from the seller to the buyer, usually through a legal process known as closing.

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Create an LLC.

Establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a legal business structure that provides personal liability protection to its owners (members). Creating an LLC is a common practice in real estate investments to separate personal assets from business liabilities.

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Open the investment.

Initiating the investment process, which may involve securing funds, establishing investment accounts, or setting up financial instruments necessary for the execution of the investment strategy.

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Design and permits.

Planning the architectural and structural aspects of a construction project, obtaining necessary approvals, permits, and clearances from relevant authorities before commencing the building process.

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The physical process of building or developing a property according to the approved design and plans. This phase involves coordinating various construction activities, managing contractors, and ensuring compliance with building codes.

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Property sale.

The act of transferring ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer in exchange for an agreed-upon sum of money. The sale is typically completed through a closing process that involves legal and financial considerations.

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Investor distribution.

Distributing returns or profits generated from the investment to the investors. This involves dividing the financial gains according to the terms outlined in the investment agreement, taking into account each investor's share or contribution.